The Linux / OSS User and Business Database
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Background information & Online help for Linux information eXchange LiX database 

All entries and requests are for free.

Linux / BSD and open source software groups, organisations, freelancer, media, users and supplier now can register
themselves in the Linux / OSS contact database and search for contacts, products, applications and contact persons
or request further information. By this a growing international Linux / OSS marketing platform has been created. First
started in Germany, Switzerland and Austria we are looking for administrators to provide further national languages.

Do not hesitate to ask us what benefit it will be for you.

Other companies, organisations or private persons are allowed to include this database in there own internet presentation.
If you like to do this we give you further Information. Contact us.

To register you must declare a password. The key will be created automatically.
Password and key will be sending to your email address. There are two mandatory fields "name" and "email".
Password and key are required for changes of your database entry. If you forgot your password and key you can initiate
an email to you with the relevant account information.


Help: This file

You are able to search all database fields. The default combining is "AND". You also can use regular expressions to
find a special entry or a list of entries. In the fields ZIP and City the meaning of the search value is "begins with".
In all other fields the meaning of the search value is "contains". The result off the search you can see in the Short 
List (sorted by City), in the List and the Products.

Here you can make your entry in the database and upload a company (organisation, personal) logo. Just click
the button "Browse" and choose an image file on your Computer to transfer into the database. In the "text field" below you
can use some HTML tags. The allowed "tags" are listed in front of the text field. Here you can edit a short description off
your company / organisation / person.

The following area of check boxes is useful for an easy "put together" of your products and / or qualifications.
After your first release of your entry you can do changes and add further information. Just click the link below your
company logo
and you are in the edit mode of your entry. If you have forgot your account data, click the button 
"Send account information" and you will receive password and key via email.

Now you can see additional product fields. Choose a category for your product. In the field "Reference" you can edit
a "link" to your product description (PDF or HTML). In the following field you can "Browse your computer" for
a "product image" to submit into the database. In the field "ID" insert the name of your product. In the text field
"Short description" you can edit a short description of your product. In the field below "Price category" select a price.
The default select is "on request". Do not forget the check box  "delete or insert".
Every time you edit your entry you have 3 more fields to edit new products.

Now you can edit branch divisions of your company / organisation and add or delete products and images.
After you have completed or changed your entry, select "Update contact & products" and click the "Execute" button.
Now your entry is updated in the database.

Here you can edit what kind of information or help you want. This request will be delivered to a qualified
Linux / BSD / open source specialist or company / organisation of your country or area and we will help you.

Short list:
List of all database entries sorted by city.

List of all product entries sorted by category.
List of all database entries sorted by random once a day. Therefore the "first positions" of the database
entries change every day.

Arrow buttons to scroll forward or backward.

Change language: At this time only english and german

To give us a feedback, do not hesitate to mail to

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